Kubota M6002 Tractor Series

12.06.2022 14:25

New Kubota M6002 tractor series is ideal for professional farmers who value outstanding manoeuvrability, excellent visibility, maximum ergonomics and exceptional performance. Its versatile features make this tractor the perfect choice for mixed farming. Under the bonnet of the M6002 is a powerful Kubota Stage V engine with state-of-the-art technology and outstanding Kubota quality. The additional 20HP power boost results in greater torque resistance from the engine during transport applications. Maximum torque at 1,500 rpm and maximum power at 1,900 rpm mean superior performance across the entire power curve. The 230 litre fuel tank means you can work at full capacity even on long working days. The cleaning interval of the Diesel Particulate filter is 6,000hours, increasing efficiency.

Kubota M6002 Tractor Review

The Kubota M6002 was unveiled in February 2020 and includes three models that run from 123hp to 143hp. Its aim is to strike a decent balance between yard and fieldwork so that livestock and mixed farms can use it for any job they see fit. To that end, Kubota’s engineers have given it compact proportions and a tight turning circle, as well as furnishing it with beefed-up running gear, powerful hydraulics and a hefty lift capacity for its size.

Launching the Kubota M6002 during a global pandemic meant tractors were slow to reach dealerships, but they have been trickling out onto farms for most of 2021. Unlike the M7s and the former M6, which hail from Dunkirk, the Kubota M6002 is built in one the firm’s home factories in Osaka.

Rather than sprucing up an existing model, most of the M6’s underpinnings were built from scratch. This includes a new in-house 24F/24R semi-powershift transmission and a bigger back end than the one used in the MGX. Another feature that makes it stand out from its utilitarian sibling is a stronger version of the firm’s portal front axle. Load-sensing hydraulics also come as standard, rather than an old-school gear pump, plus a higher-spec interior with a joystick controller. There are more factory-fit loader options to choose from, which are better integrated into the tractor.

Kubota M6002 Engine

All models in the M6 line-up feature the same 6.1-litre, four-cylinder Kubota engine that’s used in the largest MGX and the entirety of the M7 range. It has a sizeable displacement for a four-pot and, with the top-spec M7 running at 175hp during boost, it shouldn’t be under any stress in the M6. The result is that it feels surprisingly comfortable on cultivation work.

Kubota M6002 Tractor Engine

Power outputs roughly coincide with the model numbers at 123, 133 and 143hp and, as far as we can tell, all three models are mechanically identical. This means tuning and spec variations are the only things that set them apart. Each has a 20hp boost function, but this is only available for transport and kicks in above 20kph. Two engine speed memory buttons are included on the new joystick controller, which are simple to set and use.

Kubota M6002 Transmission

Just one 24F/24R semi-powershift transmission is available in the M6, which has eight powershifts in three ranges, as per the one fitted to the MGX. An additional creeper box is also available that takes the number of ratios up to 32. This unit is built by Kubota and has chunkier internals than the MGX version, making it better suited to pulling cultivation kit and towing heavy trailers.

Having eight powershifts on tap means there are plenty of ratios to play with in the field without having to interrupt drive to change range. To shift manually, the driver just needs to nudge the new joystick forward or backwards, and once the powershifts have been exhausted, a press of a button allows them to keep moving into the next range. Buyers that opt to have the 7in K-monitor display get a few more functions to play with, including the ability to set starting gears in each range and the ratio it shifts to when speed matching.

Kubota M6002 Key Features

Another feature that sets it apart from the MGX is the brake-to-stop function, which means the clutch doesn’t need to be used when coming to a halt. It’s a handy addition, but it isn’t as refined as some rival systems and lacks sensitivity adjustment. Top speed is set at 40kph and, to reduce fuel use, the tractor should reach this with the engine running at 1,640rpm.

The new transmission is designed for high speeds and payload capacities. With eight powershift ratios in three mechanically synchronized groups, you benefit from 24 for-ward and 24 reverse gears – the perfect number for an extremely wide range of applications. When shifting, you have the choice of two methods: shifting at the touch of a button or direct shifting using the new multi-function lever. Wherever ground and terrain conditions change, the automatic mode deploys automatic shifting to ensure maximum performance.

The large cab offers an enormous amount of space, excellent comfort and an ergo-nomically optimised arrangement of all operating devices to ensure the best conditions for maximum productivity. Thanks to the excellent all-round visibility provided by the four-column cab, you always have a perfect view of all working areas. The suspended cab not only means greater driving comfort, it also protects your health. Speaking of comfort and health – the premium Grammer seat boasts excellent suspension and cushioning as well as large armrests.

The Kubota M6002 is equipped as standard with a Closed Center Load Sensing hydraulic pump, which provides an enormous output of 115 l/min. The pump provides full control to reduce power loss and limit the rise in oil temperature. Three mechanical valves are standard, with an additional mechanical valve available as an option. All hydraulic valves are equipped with flow control and the tractor also features a low-pressure control valve for the front loader. Finally, the electro-hydraulic differential locks on the front and rear axles are equipped with Auto Mode Management.

The tried and tested 7” K-Monitor is available as an option for the Kubota M6002. This user-friendly, intuitively operated monitor allows all necessary control functions to be easily set. 100% ISOBUS compatibility means you are free to use all ISOBUS implements and machines on the market, without restrictions. This saves you time and money and allows you to work in a relaxed manner. The ISOBUS capability of the 7” K-Monitor and the optional automatic steering system make this tractor ready for precision farming, enabling the precise dosage of seeds, fertilisers and crop protection products.

Kubota M6002 Tractor at work
Kubota M6002 Tractor Key Features
Kubota M6002 Tractor Engine
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