Kubota M6-101, M6-111, M6-131, M6-141 Specs

The Kubota M6 Series utility tractors are renowned for their versatility, power, and reliability. These tractors are designed to meet the demands of various agricultural tasks, from heavy-duty fieldwork to light utility tasks around the farm. Below, we provide a comprehensive review of the Kubota M6 Series utility tractors, highlighting their pros and cons.

The Kubota M6 Series includes several models, such as the M6-101, M6-111, M6-131, and M6-141, each with different horsepower ratings and features. These tractors are built to deliver high performance, durability, and comfort, making them a popular choice among farmers and ranchers.

Kubota M6 Tractor Specs

Kubota M6 Utility Tractor Specs

Here’s the detailed table for the Kubota M6 Series utility tractors specifications:

Specs Kubota M6-101 Kubota M6-111 Kubota M6-131 Kubota M6-141
Engine Type V3800 – TI- CRS V6108 – TI – CRS
No. of Cylinders / Aspiration 4 cylinder / Turbocharged with intercooler
Engine Power at Rated RPM (HP/kW) 104.5 (77.9) 114.1 (85.1) 131.6 (98.1) 141.4 (105.5)
Engine Net Power at Rated RPM (HP/kW) 97.1 (72.4) 106.8 (79.7) 123.2 (91.9) 133.0 (99.2)
PTO Power at Engine Rated RPM (HP/kW) 82 (61) 92 (69) 104 (78) 114 (85)
Total Displacement (cu.in./cc) 230 (3769) 374 (6124)
Bore x Stroke (in./mm) 3.94 × 4.72 (100 × 120) 3.94 × 4.72 (100 × 120) 4.65 × 5.51 (118 × 140) 4.65 × 5.51 (118 × 140)
Rated Speed (rpm) 2600 2200
Fuel Tank Capacity (gal./l) 50.2 (190)
DEF Tank Capacity (gal./l) 4.2 (16)
Alternator / Battery Capacity 130 Amp/12 V, 100 Ah at 20 hours, 900 CCA 130 Amp/12 V, 160 Ah at 20 hours, 1090 CCA
Air Cleaner 8″ Dry, dual-element 10″ Dry, dual-element
Muffler Under-hood, corner-post exhaust pipe
Transmission Intelli-Shift transmission
No. of Speeds (option) 24F/24R (32F/32R w/ creep) 24F/24R (32F/32R w/ creep) 24F/24R (32F/32R w/ creep) 24F/24R (32F/32R w/ creep)
Main Gear Shift 8-speed powershift
Range Gear Shift 3-speed mechanical shift with clutch button
Shuttle Shift Microprocessor-controlled electro-hydraulic shuttle
Bi-speed Turn Standard
Optional Creep Speed (mph/km/h) 0.11 – 0.42 / 0.18 – 0.68 0.11 – 0.42 / 0.18 – 0.68 0.12 – 0.46 / 0.19 – 0.74 0.12 – 0.46 / 0.19 – 0.74
Max. Traveling Speed (mph/km/h) 21.9 (35.3) 21.9 (35.3) 23.4 (37.7) 24.3 (39.1)
Main Clutch Type / Diameter (in./mm) Multiple wet disc, electro-hydraulically operated / 5.2 (133)
Brake Type Hydraulically operated wet disc brakes, with automatic front axle engagement (4WD)*1
Front Wheel Drive System Bevel gear type, on-the-go electro-hydraulic engagement, w/ electro-hydraulic front differential lock
PTO Type Live-independent PTO, hydraulically operated wet clutch, w/ PTO brake
PTO Speed (interchangeable) 540 rpm (6 splines) / 1000 rpm (21 splines) (two shafts)
Hydraulics Type Pressure compensated / Fixed displacement
Pump Output (Hitch & Remote) (gpm/l/min) 18.7 (70.9) 20.4 (77.2)
Pump Output (Power Steering) (gpm/l/min) 16.0 (60.4) 14.5 (54.8), 17.0 (64.3)*2
3-Point Hitch (Category II) Telescopic lower link ends, telescopic stabilizers
Control System Electronic draft control, lower link sensing, left fender-mounted hitch switch standard
Lift Capacity at 24 in. Behind Lift Point SAE (lbs./kg) 6834 (3100), optional 9447 (4285)
Lift Capacity at 24 in. Behind Lift Point OECD (lbs./kg) 5732 (2600), optional 7496 (3400)
Remote Valves 2 standard (3rd, 4th optional) w/ built-in flow control
Steering Hydrostatic power steering
Cab Operator Area ISO-mounted flat deck, hanging pedals, tilt & telescopic wheel
Seat (Air Ride) Swivel, reclining, full adjustment (height, weight, fore & aft.), arm rests, retractable seat belt
Lighting 2 headlights, 4 front working lights, 2 rear working lights, 2 tail lights, 4 safety flashers
Standard Features Heater/Air conditioner, sun visor, front wiper/washer, rear wiper/washer, beverage holder, 12V. 30 Amp electric outlet, tinted glass, 2 external mirrors, 1 internal mirror, interior light, shuttle lever with tilt & telescopic wheel, roof panel, door glass with IR-cut film
Wheelbase (in./mm) 95.9 (2435) 95.9 (2435) 105.9 (2690) 105.9 (2690), 105.5 (2680)*2
Overall Width (min. tread) (in./mm) 82.7 (2100) 85.8 (2180)
Overall Length (in./mm) 165.4 (4200) 171.7 (4360) 171.7 (4360), 171.3 (4350)*2
Overall Height (in./mm) 105.9 (2690) 109.8 (2790) 111.8 (2840)
Crop Clearance (in./mm) 14.5 (370) 16.7 (425)
Tread Width – Front (in./mm) 62.2 – 66.1 (1580 – 1680) 69.9-73.8 (1775-1875)
Tread Width – Rear (in./mm) 59.8 – 81.1 (1520 – 2060) 62.6 – 82.3 (1590 – 2090)
Turning Radius (w/o brake) (ft./m) 13.1 (4.0)*3 13.8 (4.2)*3
Weight (w/ standard tire) (lbs./kg) 9601 (4355) 9789 (4440) 10880 (4935) 10880 (4935), 11387 (5165)*2
Standard Front Tire 12.4 R24 14.9 R24
Standard Rear Tire 18.4 R30 18.4 R38

* 1 – The front axle is engaged automatically for braking purposes when both brake pedals are pressed together, regardless of whether 4WD or 2WD is activated.
* 2 – M6-141 optional front suspension model only.
* 3 – W/ Bi-speed turn, 4WD ON.

Optional Kubota Equipment: 80″ wide axle kit, 3-point high capacity lift cylinders, front weight bumper for 12 weights, front weight bumper for 16 weights (M6-131, M6-141 only), front weights, rear wheel weights, drawbar clevis, rear defogger, 3rd/4th remote valve w/ flow control, creep speed, additional front worklights (1 each on front safety flasher), additional rear work lights (1 each on tail light), fuel tank guard kit, instructor’s seat.

Kubota M6 Utility Tractor Key Features

  • Engine: The M6 Series is powered by Kubota’s clean-burning, fuel-efficient diesel engines that meet Tier 4 Final emission standards.
  • Transmission: The tractors come with an 8-speed power shift transmission and a 24-speed Intelli-Shift transmission option for smooth and efficient operation.
  • Cab Comfort: The spacious cab is designed for operator comfort, featuring ergonomic controls, an air-suspension seat, and excellent visibility.
  • Hydraulics: High-capacity hydraulic systems ensure efficient operation of implements and attachments.
  • PTO: The M6 Series offers powerful PTO options, making it suitable for a wide range of agricultural tasks.
  • Technology: Advanced technology features such as the Kubota Monitor System (KMS) provide real-time information on tractor performance and maintenance needs.

Kubota M6 Utility Tractor Pros and Cons

Kubota M6 Series Tractor Pros

  1. Powerful Performance: The Kubota M6 Series tractors are equipped with robust engines that deliver ample horsepower for a variety of tasks, from plowing and tilling to hauling and mowing.
  2. Fuel Efficiency: These tractors are designed to be fuel-efficient, helping to reduce operational costs while maintaining high performance.
  3. Versatility: With multiple models and configurations, the M6 Series can handle a wide range of applications, making it a versatile choice for different types of farming operations.
  4. Operator Comfort: The well-designed cab offers a comfortable working environment, with features like climate control, ergonomic seating, and intuitive controls to reduce operator fatigue during long hours of operation.
  5. Advanced Technology: The inclusion of advanced monitoring and control systems helps operators manage the tractor’s performance more effectively, ensuring optimal operation and timely maintenance.
  6. Durability and Reliability: Built with high-quality materials and components, the M6 Series is known for its durability and long service life, even in demanding conditions.

Kubota M6 Series Tractor Cons

  1. Initial Cost: The advanced features and capabilities of the Kubota M6 Series come at a higher price point compared to some other utility tractors in the market. This may be a consideration for budget-conscious buyers.
  2. Complexity: The advanced technology and features, while beneficial, can also add a layer of complexity that may require additional training for operators to fully utilize.
  3. Maintenance Costs: While the tractors are designed for durability, the cost of maintaining and repairing the advanced systems and components can be higher than simpler models.
  4. Size and Maneuverability: The larger size of some M6 Series models may be less suited for smaller farms or operations with tight spaces, where maneuverability is a critical factor.

The Kubota M6 Series utility tractors offer a blend of power, efficiency, and versatility that makes them a strong contender in the agricultural market. Their advanced features and robust performance capabilities are well-suited for a wide range of farming tasks, providing excellent value for those who can invest in their higher initial cost.

Kubota M6 Utility Tractor Cab Interior

However, potential buyers should consider the complexity and maintenance requirements to ensure these tractors meet their specific needs. Overall, the Kubota M6 Series remains a reliable and high-performing option for modern agricultural operations.

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